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Our proxies support all major protocols simultaneously, i.e. HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5.

Our proxy servers only support the fourth revision of the Internet Protocol, i.e. IPv4.

No. We do not limit the number of downloads and uploads of traffic generated by the client and do not charge additional fees for traffic.

When paying with cryptocurrencies, it will take a few minutes to confirm the payment. For all other types of payment, data is delivered instantly.

Our proxies have the highest possible degree of anonymity. That is, the target site will be unable to identify your real IP address. Moreover, the very fact that you are using a proxy server will be concealed from the target site.

Yes, you can get an hour test from this link. As a test package, we provide 100 shared proxies from the “Europe” package for free.

No. The price you see before buying is final.

Yes. We provide 24 hours after purchase for service testing. If for some reason you did not like our proxies, just cancel the purchased package in the control panel and send us a message requesting a refund. We guarantee a full refund within a couple of hours.

Connecting to the internet through a fast China proxy lets you access content that is region-locked to China. The Chinese proxies from the package listed above are anonymous and will make it look like your scraping software, device or browser is accessing the web from China itself.

Chinese Proxy Servers

Trying to access the internet from China is challenging. The Chinese government believes in controlling the information its citizens can access within the boundaries of the country. As a result, many Chinese people browsing online experience censorship in the content they want to view.

The Chinese government can track your behavior and activity online by locating and tracking your IP address. The IP address of your laptop, PC, or mobile device is a unique identifying number. As you browse online and visit sites, your service provider and government agencies track what you are viewing through your IP.

Anyone living in China and accessing banned sites is at the risk of jail time.

Get Around the Great Wall of Censorship with Chinese Shared Proxy Server Packages

If you live in China, and you want freedom online, you’ll need to use a proxy service when browsing your favorite content. A proxy switches between a list of IP addresses, swapping your IP for one on the list. As a result, no institution or government department can track your activities online.

Using a proxy is a no-brainer, especially if you live in countries that restrict your internet access. With a proxy, you can conceal your identity, removing the risk of blocks and bans on the websites you want to access.

The Best Chinese Shared Proxy Server Package

When you sign up for our shared proxy server packages in China, you get access to our two big data centers in Beijing and Shanghai. Our data centers feature powerful hardware, including RAID data storage systems, and a high-speed connection.

When using our proxy server package, you might find that your browsing and download speeds increase. Our server efficiency is world-class, and we have 100% uptime – we never drop the connection while you’re browsing, leaving your true IP exposed online.

With our Chinese shared proxy server packages, you get support for all protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. Our proxy package includes access to over 1,000-proxies in our datacenter, ensuring that you always have fresh proxies to conceal your identity online.

With a price of $0,06 per proxy, we’re one of the more affordable proxy services online. We promise that we’ll never throttle your data transfers, and we never log any of your online activity. We understand that your privacy is a huge issue online, and we do everything we can to ensure you get a safe browsing experience in China.