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Our proxies support all major protocols simultaneously, i.e. HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5.

Our proxy servers only support the fourth revision of the Internet Protocol, i.e. IPv4.

No. We do not limit the number of downloads and uploads of traffic generated by the client and do not charge additional fees for traffic.

When paying with cryptocurrencies, it will take a few minutes to confirm the payment. For all other types of payment, data is delivered instantly.

Our proxies have the highest possible degree of anonymity. That is, the target site will be unable to identify your real IP address. Moreover, the very fact that you are using a proxy server will be concealed from the target site.

Yes, you can get an hour test from this link. As a test package, we provide 100 shared proxies from the “Europe” package for free.

No. The price you see before buying is final.

Yes. We provide 24 hours after purchase for service testing. If for some reason you did not like our proxies, just cancel the purchased package in the control panel and send us a message requesting a refund. We guarantee a full refund within a couple of hours.

You have the opportunity to buy Indian proxy servers on our website and get full anonymity while browsing the web. Starting from 8 ct per IP address, you can use modern servers that are located in a protected and secure environment. Up to 1,000 addresses can be used at once. Take advantage of it now!

Buy Indian proxy servers: This is what our packages have to offer

Buying Indian proxy servers at has many advantages. Full anonymity is ensured, as you will appear incognito from now on. An Indian IP address is seen by the operator of the visited website, which cannot be assigned to any specific user. You can operate from any country. Whether you are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or any other region of the world does not matter.

Some further advantages:

  • Support of both main protocols (HTTP and SOCKS5)
  • Safe and secure location
  • Friendly and competent customer service
  • Immediate access to the leased IPs

The purchased server addresses can be used simultaneously. This saves you from having to log in and out continuously. Up to 1,000 IP addresses can be used simultaneously – for example, to do marketing on the social networks.

100 percent anonymity

Acquiring Indian proxy servers is a good decision if you value anonymity on the Internet. There is no way for the operators of the visited sites to find out your name or current address. Only an Indian IP address can be seen, which does not allow any conclusion about the user. As a result, you enjoy full anonymity in all your activities on the World Wide Web.

Data collection without restrictions

Getting data about website visitors is crucial if you want to improve your performance. The same applies to data that visitors leave on other people’s websites. By buying Indian proxy servers at, you can collect the user data you need anonymously and efficiently, without coming under the operator’s gaze. You can use the collected data, for example, to better address the target audience or to develop customized products.

Unlimited bandwidth

By Buying Indian proxy servers you will benefit from unlimited bandwidth. This means that you no longer have to accept any restrictions when downloading data. It is possible to download large file archives with our proxy servers, as well as movies or TV shows. Enjoy this freedom – you won’t want to miss it anymore!

Fast data transmission and high up-time

Using our proxy servers, you can achieve high transfer speeds. This is of great importance especially when downloading memory-intensive files. In addition, we are proudly offering you a high up-time. This sets our servers apart from other proxies where you have to settle for a low up-time. We maintain our data centers on the latest technical level and regularly.

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Did we make you curious? Take advantage of it now! At you can buy Indian proxy servers for as little as 8 cents per IP address. The minimum term is one month. We are happy to professionally advise you free of charge. Contact us today!