Why Do Online Businesses Need Proxies?

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Proxies are not only necessary for personal use. Earning money on the net requires more and more technical knowledge each day. While Facebook marketers used to get by with minimal technical knowledge, it is hard to imagine using it today without antidetection browsers, marketing tools and proxies.

Market research

Collecting and analyzing the information needed to create a marketing strategy can be a challenge.

Many companies take steps to protect their websites from IP addresses of certain companies. Sometimes the only solution is to use a proxy server to collect data on the internet.

Web scraping

Web scraping automatically reads large amounts of data from websites. Most popular websites actively protect their resources from web scraping by using IP address detection, HTTP request header checking, CAPTCHAs and other methods.

Proxy for mass data collection, scraping and parsing

It is unlikely that a real user can request 20 pages per second on the same website. To prevent the web server from responding and blocking your requests, you can indicate that all these requests come from different locations. In other words, using a proxy is helpful here. Free proxies are less suitable for such purposes: They are often slow and unreliable.

Verification of advertisements

Many users use various tools to fake ad traffic, resulting in a large number of ads that are never seen by real users.

Therefore, more and more companies are using proxy servers to detect such behavior. In this case, using a proxy server increases the effectiveness of advertising and makes it possible to anonymously check the target pages of advertisers.

Price comparison

Companies that offer goods and services on the internet set the prices for their products in comparison to those of their competitors in order to be one step ahead of the latter. Therefore, price comparison is an important part of daily business.

However, some websites track these activities and are able to detect when competitors access their own website. They automatically provide false information to maintain competitive pricing.

Using a proxy, you can capture an unlimited amount of the most accurate data available. By giving websites access to the actual IP addresses of visitors, you are perceived as a buyer, not a competitor, and can collect accurate pricing information.

SEO monitoring

A website audit, i.e. a review of your website in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) figures, provides you with information about what you need to fix and what measures you can take to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Effective SEO monitoring, i.e. the constant monitoring of websites in terms of SEO key figures, requires a more in-depth analysis, which is often detected and blocked by websites.

Proxy servers are useful for the correct collection of usage data. Many proxy providers have over 50 million IP addresses of home users worldwide, which can help you perform SEO monitoring more efficiently.

Promotion on social media

SMM advertising is a whole complex of activities to promote a group or a specific profile. However, restrictions on social networks, for example, in terms of the daily number of friends added or messages sent, significantly slow down the process of increasing the popularity of a company.

Social networks monitor IP addresses and block particularly eager users. Therefore, SMM advertising requires the use of alternative access methods such as proxy servers.

SMM promotion managers often use special software that can manage several dozen or even hundreds of accounts at the same time, so from the outside it looks like a real person is using the site. However, for such programs to operate effectively, they require the same number of access points as profiles. The way out of this situation is to use stable proxy servers.