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Who is BrightData (Formerly Luminati Networks)

Collecting and analyzing data is one of the primary tasks of any business. Traditionally, most marketers and directors collect and analyze data to which they are directly related. For example, a sales director analyzes CRM data, maybe also studies web analytics systems. Of course, there is always a global business challenge at the core — sales and income. However, this approach of selectively examining reports and data is more likely to hinder the business than to help it grow.

Brightdata Home Page

BrightData is a leading company in the collection of various types of data from the web. With this service, you can collect and structure any information from millions of sites, regardless of language or regional affiliation. The main task of the BrightData team is to collect and analyze data so that the client can get a holistic view of the work of their company. The use of patented technology allows you to seamlessly access even the most complex targeting platforms with precise geo-targeting. In addition, the service provides tools for solving important target tasks: optimizing proxy management, analyzing specific requests, or obtaining data.

The Largest Base of IP Addresses

Today the service BrightData proxy has the largest network of proxy servers — more than 72 million IP addresses and subnets. Fast IPv4 and IPv6 proxies (up to 1 Gb/s) provide each user with stable operation of browsers and any other programs where they are needed. In total, the company has a database of over 80 million IP addresses, making them the leader in the digital services market.

Advantages of Using BrightData

Web data is used in a variety of industries, from retail to advertising agencies and social media. The correct use of such data gives an undeniable advantage over competitors. As part of this review, we found that BrightData has the following opportunities to run a successful business:

  • Comparison of price segments;
  • Electronic commerce;
  • Collecting data from the Internet;
  • Checking ad performance;
  • Travel aggregation;
  • Brand protection;
  • SEO monitoring;
  • Detailed market research;
  • Search engine results crawl;
  • Website testing;
  • Stock market data;
  • Creation of individual solutions.

The platform has established itself as a reliable and legal service provider trusted by the world’s leading companies. At the same time, the service offers almost unlimited possibilities with the use of flexible settings for individualizing the process.

Fabulous Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is another unique feature of the company. As part of this BrightData review, we also cannot ignore this tool. Thanks to a huge library of addresses with different geolocation, users can customize their business as precisely as possible for greater financial return. The company also offers an extension for Chrome BrightData API and Proxy Manager using open source.

Proxy Manager technology allows you to automatically skip downloading media files or any other page elements that are specified during configuration. In addition, the tool is capable of managing, integrating, and coordinating the use of hundreds and thousands of IP addresses from different proxy providers.

The extension BrightData API for Chrome allows you to use free proxies from different countries to bypass the blocking of sites by the provider or the administrator of the corporate network. It is very convenient in that you do not need to enter additional settings; just install the add-on in the browser. Another important advantage is the installation of your BrightData proxies servers from anywhere in the world.

Advanced Proxy Management Tools

We tested the tools that BrightData offers and concluded that this is the best set for proxy management. Each of them did not take much time for us to learn the functionality and had an intuitive purpose. Below we will tell you about a separate extension for Chrome, proxy manager, and API.

  • Chrome Extension. We have already tested such extensions before and it was not an easy task. However, BrightData’s Chrome extension pleasantly surprised us with its ease of use. To get started, just click on the icon and select from the options that are already integrated into Chrome.
  • API features. BrightData offers a programming interface that helps automate routine processes in a company. When building a networked system, this tool creates the most efficient communication possible. However, it should be noted that this tool can be used by people who know the field of programming. Most modern sites use at least a few third-party APIs. Many tasks already have ready-made solutions offered by third-party developers, be it a library or a service. It is often easier and more reliable to resort to a ready-made solution from BrightData Proxy.
  • Proxy Manager. We would like to tell you more about this tool since we have not seen any analogs so far. It is the most modern proxy manager available today, and it is also open source. This way you can dramatically speed up development time, monitor your proxies, or use a cleanup feature.


Types of Proxy Servers 

BrightData offers the best options proxy for your business. It should be noted that the company provides any IP from all over the world, regardless of country and city. We have studied their proposals and are ready to share our experience with you.


Data Center Hosted Proxies

Data Center Hosted Proxies

The company provides a modern digital data processing network with a wide selection of IP addresses around the world. Among the main benefits are:

  • more than 770,000 IP addresses;
  • precise targeting of geolocation;
  • several types of IP;
  • the possibility of purchasing a separate address.

With a data center proxy, the client can choose from a fixed dedicated range of IP addresses for each available country. In this case, several users can use a common address at once, while the exclusive version is transferred to «one hand».


Static Residential ISP Proxies

Static Residential ISP Proxies

BrightData proxy manager provides a unique opportunity to become the owner of the best residential IP addresses in several countries around the world at once. This service package includes the following features:

  • more than 160,000 addresses in different parts of the world;
  • 100% network uptime;
  • instant feedback;
  • customizable geolocation;
  • the ability to use several types of IP.

This option offers real IP addresses from the best internet providers. Thus, you can be sure that the site will not be blocked and will be transferred to your exclusive use.


Mobile Proxies

Mobile Proxies

BrightData lets you enjoy mobile IP access with a 3G/4G connection. This is important for businessmen who keep up with the times and take into account the interests of gadget owners. The service has the following features:

  • > 7,000,000 IP-addresses;
  • network uptime 99.99%;
  • fast response time;
  • choice of a telecom operator and setting ASN.

A mobile proxy allows you to use mobile IP without restrictions on the number of connections. The company provides real 3G and 4G connections from leading mobile operators.


Rotating Residential Proxies

Rotating Residential Proxies

BrightData proxies provide one of the most demanded modern services — proxy server rotation. With this package of services, users can seamlessly use the world’s fastest and largest IP network with real peers. In addition, with this package you will get:

  • the ability to choose from over 72 million IPs;
  • network uptime — 99.99% (recently);
  • the ability to use additional interface elements;
  • unlimited use.

You can also send an infinite, endless number of concurrent requests with extensive communication coverage. The service provides a rotation of residential IP addresses in every developed country in the world.


Pricing Plans Of BrightData

A paid subscription will be of interest not only to business owners but also to SMM and SEO specialists. The company offers individual and shared HTTPS or SOCKS5 proxies with 24/7 technical support, stable performance, and high speed. In BrightData, you will find affordable and flexible tariff packages at any time. There are several types of payment for all offers:

  • Pay-As-You-Go — pay-as-you-go traffic;
  • Monthly subscription — standard monthly payment with a choice of a service package;
  • Yearly subscription — annual access to one of the service offers.

By far the most profitable and interesting option is the annual subscription. However, it should be noted that there are cheaper and more affordable offers. For example, the Pay-As-You-Go option will help you try one of the service packages and make a further decision for yourself. Below we will tell you in more detail about each type of BrightData pricing for different proxies.

Separately, we would like to note the option of the price calculator. Here you can choose the type of proxy, convenient payment option (per GB, IP, or individual), and calculate the final cost. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the support staff and resolve them.


Pricing: Data Center Hosted Proxy

These are proxy servers that are not directly associated with Internet service providers. They are located in large data centers and provide complete anonymity and privacy. There are several types of data center proxies — Shared and Private, and several people can use them at the same time. Main advantages:

  • anonymity and privacy;
  • a large number of IP addresses;
  • affordable price;
  • high speed.

Below you can see the tariffs offered by BrightData.

Pay-As-You-Go Monthly subscription Yearly subscription
$0.90 for IP and $0.12 for each GB Starter — $500 Starter — $450/month
Production — $1,000 Production — $900/month
Plus — $3,000 Plus — $2,700/month
Enterprise — it is necessary to contact a specialist of the company to discuss the details. Enterprise — it is necessary to contact a specialist of the company to discuss the details.


Pricing: Static Residential ISP Proxy

ISP BrightData proxies are real addresses from a real Internet provider. They are registered in the databases of the regional Internet registries. When a user connects to the Internet, the provider gives him an IP address. That is these are private addresses that are used in the following areas:

  • in promotion in social networks;
  • testing an advertising strategy;
  • content creation;
  • etc.

Depending on your goals, you can choose one of the tariffs offered by BrightData.

Pay-As-You-Go Monthly subscription Yearly subscription
$29.00/GB + $0.50/IP Experimenting — $300
Starter — $500 Starter — $450/month
Production — $1,000 Production — $900/month
Plus — $3,000 Plus — $2,700/month
Enterprise — it is necessary to contact a specialist of the company to discuss the details. Enterprise — it is necessary to contact a specialist of the company to discuss the details.


Pricing: Mobile Proxy

Mobile proxies use multiple IPs, from which the origin server receives requests from users when they access the network from smartphones and tablets. Target servers cannot block such addresses, even if they receive a huge number of requests from them. The source server “understands” that the high load from one IP is connected not with the spam, but with the completely natural behavior of hundreds or even thousands of users. Mobile BrightData proxies have the following advantages:

  • lack of blocking from the side of the resource;
  • convenience, time-saving, and reliability;
  • bypassing checks of target servers;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.

In the BrightData service you can buy high-speed and stable mobile proxies at the following price:

Pay-As-You-Go Monthly subscription Yearly subscription
$0.90 for IP and $0.12 for each GB Starter — $500 Starter — $450/month
Production — $1,000 Production — $900/month
Plus — $3,000 Plus — $2,700/month
Enterprise — it is necessary to contact a specialist of the company to discuss the details. Enterprise — it is necessary to contact a specialist of the company to discuss the details.


Pricing: RotatingResidential Proxy

This is the same as the real IP address that was given to you when you connected to the Internet. Residential proxy is tied to a specific provider, country, city, and, in some cases, to an address. BrightData has a huge collection of various addresses, so there is a possibility of setting by geolocation. In addition, Residential BrightData proxies offer the following benefits:

  • increased trust on the part of Internet resources;
  • business continuity;
  • the legality of use;
  • high safety and security;
  • high response speed.

Below is the pricing policy of the company regarding this service:

Pay-As-You-Go Monthly subscription Yearly subscription
$0.90 for IP and $0.12 for each GB Starter — $500 Starter — $450/month
Production — $1,000 Production — $900/month
Plus — $3,000 Plus — $2,700/month
Enterprise — it is necessary to contact a specialist of the company to discuss the details. Enterprise — it is necessary to contact a specialist of the company to discuss the details.

Customer Support

The site contains a colossal collection of knowledge related to popular issues. Before contacting the operator, users have the opportunity to find the answer in the electronic library of the site. You can enter your question in the search field or use the navigation through one of the following sections:

  • Overview BrightData proxies;
  • Accept usage;
  • Getting started;
  • Manage account;
  • Troubleshooting Proxy Manager;
  • Proxy Browser Extension;
  • Integration;
  • Privacy;
  • Billing and payments;
  • Performance;
  • Pricing;
  • Sending proxy requests;
  • API;
  • Webinars;
  • Learning hub.

If necessary, you can contact 24/7 Live Support. To do this, use the section and the button on the website (Get Support) or call one of the phones:

  • New York + 1-888-538-9204;
  • Israel + 972-54-353-6332.

Alternatively, through contacts:

  • WhatsApp: +972 54-353-6332;
  • Skype:;
  • Telegram: Bright_Data.

Users can also use one of the social networks to connect with BrightData employees. Do not forget to look in the section “Blog” — perhaps your problem is described in detail there.

Review Verdict

Having tested this service, we concluded that it is a really useful and convenient tool for business and specialized professionals. BrightData has extensive experience, a huge collection of addresses, and even the ability to target the state or city level. A flexible system of payment settings will allow you to use your budget as efficiently as possible to achieve your goal. At the same time, you can integrate the options of BrightData proxies with your software. If you want to put an assessment on a 10-point scale, then BrightData gets 10 points in terms of functionality and price flexibility.


Is it safe to use BrightData?

Surely BrightData is a safe and legit service for buying databases and proxy servers. The company has many years of experience (formerly known as Luminati), numerous reviews of grateful customers. You can read the opinions of other users about BrightData both on the forums and on popular social networks. 

Does BrightData have a trial version?

The service provides a 7-day free trial specifically for home IP addresses. After this period, you can choose a payment system that is convenient for you — depending on traffic usage, with a monthly payment or an annual subscription.

What Languages Does BrightData Support?

The site is adapted for use in several languages: English, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese. You can change the settings in the lower right corner of the site footer. 

Can I use the Proxy Manager through API?

Undoubtedly. You can integrate any BrightData proxy address through the API. In this case, users can use a pre-created template — you just have to insert the data that is appropriate in meaning.

Is this the same as Luminati Network?

Yes, due to the innovations, Luminati Networks has been renamed BrightData. The owners of old accounts can continue to use the service without changes.

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