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Is NordVPN the best service for privacy and security? In this article, let's take a closer look at NordVPN's official website and check out the pricing and features. Learn more...

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that protects your Internet connection online. This can be used to access regionally restricted websites, to protect your browser from cybercriminals and nosy individuals on public Wi-Fi.

NordVPN is a company that knows how to protect your privacy online. It was founded in 2012, by four childhood friends, according to the official site. Until today, the server has worked on its technology and reputation to gain recognition and trust from users. And in 2019, NordVPN became the market leader. Since then, this service has been considered the best in providing security on the Internet and provides the highest quality services.

In this NordVPN review, we will look at the key performance indicators such as security, speed, use on different devices, usability, legality, price, safety protocols, and other features of NordVPN.

How Does a VPN from NordVPN Work?

The principle of VPN services for consumers is quite simple. Let’s imagine that you are on the Internet and want to access a website. Upon receiving the request, your ISP will direct you immediately to the desired web page. Along the way, you may encounter hackers, malicious websites, malware links, and other dangers.

If you connect to a VPN, your traffic first passes through the VPN server. It applies an encryption protocol to all the data you send and receive. The VPN service then creates an encrypted tunnel across the Internet, ensuring that your data is protected. To ensure the security of each data packet, the VPN wraps it into an external packet, which is then encrypted using encapsulation. 

Once the information reaches the server, the external packet is removed. Only then leads you to the desired web page, bypassing all the dangers of the Internet.  

Types of VPN

There are two basic types of VPNs:

  1. Remote access VPN – the connection is made by a client remotely. In this case, this client is the only user of the computer that connects to the private network from a remote location. The VPN server provides access to the resources of the network to which it is connected. 
  2. Site-to-site VPN – Connects two parts of a private network or two private networks. This is used to allow an organization to route connections to individual offices or even to other organizations over the Internet.

VPN Encryption Protocols

Another aspect that makes the NordVPN website stand out from the usual VPN services is its powerful encryption protocols. They allow you to maintain secrecy and provide maximum protection and privacy for each session, using unique encryption keys. Let’s look at the most common protocols.


OpenVPN is the most common protocol used by many VPN providers in the world. OpenVPN provides the best ratio of security and connection speed. Also, this protocol passes most firewalls and network restrictions. Within OpenVPN, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) security protocols are used. Also, you can use it on both UDP and TCP ports.


IKEv2 is a modern VPN protocol developed by Microsoft and Cisco. It is ideal for smartphone users who constantly need to switch between hotspots. IKEv2 is usually paired with IPSec for encryption. This protocol is faster and safer than most VPN protocols and is easily set up by the client in a couple of clicks, without the use of third-party programs.


NordLynx is a NordVPN protocol built adaptively around the WireGuard communication protocol. It is ideal for users who need absolute privacy and high speed. To make the highest level of security possible, NordVPN has combined FireGuard with their custom double NAT system.

Other VPN Protocols

As for other VPN protocols, not so long ago NordVPN stopped supporting PPTP and L2TP/IPSec as they are outdated. Also, the SSTP protocol is not supported because it is owned by Microsoft. However, it is unlikely that you will need anything but OpenVPN, IKev2/IPSec, and NordLynx. 

Quick and Easy Sign-up Process

Creating a NordVPN account is easy enough. You will need to go to the site and click in the upper right corner of the site, log in or create an account. You will need a valid email address for registration, which should not be a one-time thing. 

After registering, you will be able to download the NordVPN software immediately. Then, you will receive a confirmation letter at the email address you specified during registration, containing useful links. You will then be presented with a map of available servers. It is better to let the software choose the server for you, as the fastest and best one will be chosen by default.

Kill Switch Option

Kill Switch is an advanced security tool. This feature prevents your device from establishing a secure connection. Kill Switch blocks your computer or mobile device from accessing the Internet in case the connection is interrupted. This is the very last barrier to your VPN protection. Let’s take a closer look at how this feature works in 4 main steps:

  1. Surveillance – Kill Switch monitors your connection and looks for changes in IP address or status.
  2. Detect – Kill Switch instantly detects if the connection is dropped.
  3. Block – Kill Switch will block access to the Internet for some applications where you have enabled the feature or for the entire device.
  4. Restore – as soon as the tunnel to the NordVPN server is restored, Kill Switch will restore your access to the Internet.

This way, your personal data will be protected from accidental leakage. The connection will be blocked until you disable Kill Switch or the encrypted tunnel is restored. When used on a PC, it is recommended that you use Kill Switch for the entire system at once. Blocking individual applications is recommended only for experienced users who have a complete understanding of each program running on the device.

NordVPN Servers and Locations

NordVPN’s location is Panama and claims not to keep any logs of its users. This is great news – as you know, Panama is a privacy paradise. There’s absolutely no Internet censorship or government surveillance there. Which makes NordVPN one of the best choices for security and privacy fans. 

NordVPN has one of the most extensive server networks of our time. More than 5,100 servers in 60 countries around the world. Which has a great effect on speed and ping response. Because it reduces the physical distance between the servers. Choosing a server closer to your actual location will give you a faster connection speed. 

Safety with NordVPN

The Internet is not the safest place. Even if you exclude cybercrime. You can infect your device with malware simply by clicking on a strange link or downloading an app with a virus. Wi-Fi in public places also carries a threat, it can expose your data to cybercriminals.

Your salvation could be the CyberSec feature from the NordVPN official website. This feature blocks malicious ads and sites, even if you accidentally click on a dangerous link. Your traffic stays safe thanks to the fact that the VPN encrypts the connection. Additional benefits include:

  • reliable double protection – by changing your IP, you protect your traffic with an extra layer of security;
  • Hidden servers – hide your Internet traffic for maximum security;
  • Secure usage – your data privacy will not be compromised;
  • 24×7 support – NordVPN technical support team is always ready to help you. 

NordVPN Price

NordVPN is a serious technology that opens up impressive possibilities for the user. It meets all the requirements that can be presented to a VPN service. Of course, some users may think that the NordVPN price is very high. Let’s take a closer look at the pricing on different periods of usage of NordVPN.

If you decide to pay for the service monthly, it will cost $11.95/per month. If you decide to pay for one year you will get $4,92/per month which will save you 58%. And if you decide to go for two years it will only cost you $3.71/per month. This gives you a 68% discount compared to what you would have paid per month for this period! 

As you can see, NordVPN is one of the most advantageous VPN services, especially if you are planning to use it for a long period. Moreover, you do not need to buy separate subscriptions for your computer and phone. One account protects up to 6 devices and is compatible with many operating systems.

30-day Free VPN Trial

You can use NordVPN free trial for 30 days. This time will allow you to test the quality of this service without any risk. In this case, you will have full access to all features and functions. In comparison with other VPNs, this is a huge advantage.

Of course, you can decide to use some completely free VPN providers. However, in this case, you will not be able to save money. You will have to pay anyway. If not with money, then with something else. For example, you will have to suffer from poor quality of the service or insufficient protection of your security.

You can cancel your free trial subscription at any time, as long as the free trial period lasts. The free trial period can be determined by the calendar located right on the website. This level of service and customer care is what allows NordVPN to be rightfully called a premium service.

Usability of NordVPN Service

NordVPN service is clear and user-friendly. It positions itself as a VPN for any device and it’s true. You can use it both on your computer and mobile device. Also, NordVPN supports many operating systems. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use – Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, NordVPN will shield your IP address, and encrypt the traffic.

Desktop Versions

The recommended way to connect to NordVPN servers on your PC is through their own application. It uses one of the best protocols by default – OpenVPN.

To download the desktop version you need to go to the NordVPN official website and click on the VPN application link at the top of the page, in the center. Then download the application to your PC. Open the downloaded file and install the application. After installation, log into your account and connect to the server. 

Mobile Apps

Users store a lot of personal information on mobile devices, so they are not safe either. Fortunately, NordVPN also has a mobile app for iOS and Android. To hide your IP and protect yourself from cybercrime and surveillance, you only need to follow three steps:

  1. Download the official NordVPN app on Google Play or App Store.
  2. Login to your NordVPN account.
  3. Click the Quick Connect button and your smartphone will be connected to the most convenient service for you.

Browser Extensions

NordVPN also has an extension for Chrome that will allow you to use the Internet in complete safety without compromising on speed. The extension will also block malicious sites and ads thanks to the CyberSec function. You will be able to take advantage of many devices and operating systems: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and others.

To download the NordVPN extension for Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the official NordVPN website.
  2. Go to Chrome extensions online store and add NordVPN.
  3. Enable the application in the top right corner of your browser, log in to your account and start using the extension.

Other Platforms

You can also use NordVPN on many other platforms. For example, you can secure your Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation gaming consoles. In addition, connect a VPN to securely use Firestick, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, Chromecast, and Kindle Fire.

To protect the listed devices without using the app, you’ll need a VPN router. This security system will be in place at all times. You won’t have to configure every new gadget you buy. Your Wi-Fi network will be encrypted and will cover all the devices connected to it.

Advantages of Using NordVPN

Fast and stable connection speed thanks to more than 5,100 servers in 60 countries isn’t the only benefit of the service. Here are more upsides of NordVPN:

  1. Regardless of the paid tariff, your NordVPN premium account is the default one, as you will have access to absolutely all features.
  2. Connect 6 devices per account.
  3. Free trial for 30 days, during which you can get back 100% of your money for a month.
  4. Not only cash but also cryptocurrency is accepted as payment.
  5. Support for Netflix and many other streaming services is constantly updated.
  6. The possibility of double VPN – NordVPN can connect two VPN servers, so you have an additional level of protection.
  7. Like every other VPN, NordVPN secures your traffic using the AES encryption standard with a 256-bit key. Even US government agencies have recommended this standard.
  8. Freedom to choose your server. Open the map and choose any server you like right on the map or in the list of countries.
  9. Round-the-clock support. You can contact NordVPN technical support team 24 hours a day, any way you like: by e-mail or via chat on the contact page.

Final Verdict

The Panamanian provider gives users an excellent level of security and privacy. Combined with a fast and stable connection to its 5,100+ servers, NordVPN is ahead of the competition thanks to the promising NordLynx protocol. The service is also extremely effective for bypassing geographically blocked services such as Netflix. 

Considering all the advantages of the service and after analyzing the competitor market, we can call NordVPN the best VPN service on the market today. First-class encryption, strict no-log policy, best protocols, excellent reputation, excellent connection speed – NordVPN is strongly leading in everything. On top of that, NordVPN has one of the lowest long-term pricing plans, which is hard to beat in terms of benefits to the user.


How to Cancel NordVPN Free Trial?

There is an easy cancellation process if users decide to cancel the NordVPN free trial. The first thing you need to do is to log into your VPN account and cancel automatic payments. The second step is to confirm cancellation. The last step is to select a customer service option and request your refund.

Does NordVPN Unblock Netflix, Hulu, and Other Platforms?

Yes, NordVPN is one of the few services that can give users stable access to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, and other streaming platforms.

Is NordVPN Good for Streaming?

Yes, thanks to SmartPlay DNS NordVPN is a great option for streaming. This option makes the service a great option for streaming. So NordVPN would be your best choice for Twitch VPN. Due to the huge number of servers NordVPN has – more than 5,100, its speed is amazingly fast, making streaming and gaming and in the same breath.

Can I Download Torrents with NordVPN?

Using the services of NordVPN online, you can benefit from a SOCKS5 proxy. You can connect your torrent application to it and enjoy even higher speed and extra protection for your PC from malicious files. NordVPN can be used with any popular torrent client including BitTorrent and UTorrent. Also, NordVPN offers customers who use Torrents configuration guides in the support section. 

How Many Devices Can I Have On One Account of NordVPN?

You can have 6 devices on one NordVPN account. This number will be enough for families, multiple device owners, and even small businesses.

Is Using a NordVPN service is Legal in my country?

VPN services, including NordVPN, are legit in most countries of the world. Countries, where it is allowed to use VPNs, include Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. However, there are governments that strictly regulate and even prohibit the use of VPN services. Countries where the use of VPNs is not allowed including NordVPN include: China, Uganda, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Belarus, Russia, UAE, Oman, Turkmenistan, and North Korea.

Is NordVPN Truly Safe?

Yes, NordVPN provides its users with the highest possible level of Internet security. Despite the fact that it is almost impossible to provide absolute security on the Internet. NordVPN does its best, applying the most powerful tools in the industry to provide users with reliable privacy and security. 




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