Oxylabs Review | 8 Top Features, Proxy Types Pricing, and 4 Alternatives

Oxylabs Review

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Oxylabs, the Lithuanian proxy provider with a reputation as big as Mount Everest... Learn more...

Known for its exquisite proxy services and exceptional data collection APIs, Oxylabs has been the go-to for businesses since 2015. That’s not all, they have even got you covered with insurance. Their website is so tidy, you could eat off it.

Plus, their list of certifications on the homepage is a thing to behold. They cater specifically to businesses, offering a dedicated account manager to ensure that your needs are well taken care of. So, while their prices may be above-average, they have proven their worth to the satisfaction of many.

Now, sit back and enjoy this detailed review covering every aspect of Oxylabs services. Is their suave reputation just a façade, or should you be taking a leaf out of their book? Let’s find out together.

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Pros and Cons

Oxylabs is a powerful web scraping service that enables businesses to collect data from virtually any website. With Oxylabs, businesses can easily obtain the data they require for their projects without having to build and maintain their own complex infrastructure. However, there are some pros and cons associated with using this service which should be considered before making a decision about whether it’s right for you. Below, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Oxylabs, so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for your business needs.

Oxylabs Pros Oxylabs Cons

1. Oxylabs offers a wide range of residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies, giving users complete control over their proxy needs.

2. The provider also has a large network of servers in different countries so customers can access localized content in multiple locations around the world.

3. Oxylabs’ customer support team is known to be responsive and helpful when it comes to resolving any technical or other queries that a customer might have.

4. The provider’s dashboard is easy to use and provides comprehensive stats tracking for real-time analysis and optimization of your proxy operations.

5. Oxylabs’ proxy packages come with an enterprise-grade SLA (Service Level Agreement) which ensures that you get the best in terms of performance and reliability from your proxies at all times.

6. All of their proxy plans are backed by a seven-day money-back guarantee so users can have peace of mind when making their purchase decision.

7. Oxylabs offers advanced features such as scraping bots, access control lists (ACLs), IP rotation, user agent switching, and more for those who need them.

8. Their prices are competitively priced compared to other providers on the market, making it an affordable option for those looking for a reliable proxy service provider at an economical rate point.

1. Because they are a major provider in the market, they tend to be one of the more expensive options out there depending on what type of package you select from them – this may not be suitable for some users who are looking for more budget friendly options available elsewhere on the marketplace.

2. It also does not offer specialized data center proxies for businesses that require more secure connection than residential or mobile proxies can provide – such services must be acquired from another supplier if required by these types of clients.

3. Their dashboard requires some technical knowledge before being able to navigate around it properly – amateur users may find the dashboard too complicated or intimidating to use efficiently.

8 Top Oxylabs’ Features

Oxylabs is a powerful data scraping tool that provides users with the ability to collect, analyze and extract valuable information from any website. With Oxylabs, users can quickly access and utilize large amounts of data for their projects.

The top features of Oxylabs include its user-friendly interface, fast extraction speeds, proxy rotation capabilities, and advanced security measures. The platform’s intuitive navigation makes it easy to find what you need in just a few clicks, while its robust proxy infrastructure ensures maximum performance when gathering data from multiple sources simultaneously. Additionally, Oxylabs offers an array of tools designed to help protect your privacy while collecting data online.

The 8 top features include:

  1. Residential Proxy Network: Oxylabs offers one of the most reliable and efficient residential proxy networks, allowing users to access websites with a full range of IPs located in many countries around the world. This helps to hide their real IP address and prevents them from being blocked or detected by anti-scraping technology.
  2. Advanced Proxy Manager: Oxylabs’ Advanced Proxy Manager provides users with the tools they need to quickly and easily manage their proxies. It allows them to set up rules for rotating their proxies, view detailed performance analytics, edit whitelisted IPs, and more.
  3. Dedicated Proxies: Oxylabs also offers dedicated proxies that are optimized for specific tasks such as web scraping, content parsing, email verification, ad verification, and others. These proxies are customized for each user’s requirements and provide maximum performance without any extra costs or fees.
  4. Data Center Proxies: For those who require higher speeds and want to access data centers with ease, Oxylabs offers data center proxies that allow users to connect directly to websites in data centers around the world without being blocked or detected by anti-scraping technology.
  5. API Access: Oxylabs provides API access which allows customers to integrate their services into their own applications or scripts quickly and easily. This makes it easy for users to control their proxies via simple commands instead of having to do manual setups every time they need access to new IPs or locations.
  6. Support & Knowledge Base: Oxylobs provide extensive support resources including an extensive knowledge base and customer service team that is available 24/7 via phone, email or chat support so customers can get answers quickly when they have questions or issues related to their services.
  7. Security & Privacy: Oxylabs takes security seriously and uses secure SSL encryption technology on all its services as well as strict privacy policies which ensure customer data is not shared with third parties or used for any other purposes than what has been agreed upon by the customer themselves.
  8. Flexible Pricing Plans: Oxylabs’ offers flexible pricing plans that make it easy for customers to find the plan that best suits their budget and needs without breaking the bank in the process. Customers can pay monthly or annually depending on which option best fits their budget and needs at any given time.

All these features combined make Oxylabs one of the most comprehensive web scraping solutions available today.

Oxylabs Location Coverage

Oxylabs is on a mission to cover the globe with its impressive network of proxies. With a daily expansion of resources, they’re able to deliver IP addresses from a vast range of countries and continents.

Their coverage includes:

  • 1,350,904 proxies in the USA and Canada,
  • 3,018,659 in Europe,
  • 3,971,462 in Asia,
  • 1,302,565 in South America,
  • 262,137 in Africa,
  • 257,508 in Australia.

That’s an impressive number of proxies. No matter where you are, Oxylabs has got you covered.

Plans and Pricing

With a dizzying array of services and features, it’s no wonder Oxylabs is a crowd favorite. From shared and dedicated datacenter proxies to AI and ML-powered next-gen residential proxies, there’s something for everyone. And let’s not forget their mobile proxies and web scraping APIs to round out the offering. But what about pricing? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

Datacenter Proxies Pricing

Starter Business Corporate Enterprise

Shared Datacenter




Starting at $1,000/mo

Dedicated Datacenter




Starting at $6,000/mo

Residential Proxies Pricing

Starter Business Corporate Enterprise




Starting at $5,000/mo

Mobile Proxies Pricing

Starter Business Corporate Enterprise




Starting at $11,000/mo

Oxylabs Web Scraping APIs

The world of web scraping just got a whole lot better with Oxylabs’ four amazing APIs. Choose from a wide range of options including the Web Scraper API, SERP Scraper API, E-Commerce Scraper API, and Real Estate Scraper API. These APIs do all the heavy lifting for you by sending requests to Oxylabs’ endpoint, which in turn selects the best proxies and techniques to ensure successful data retrieval.

Web Scraping APIs Features

Imagine having access to multiple APIs that can scrape different types of websites. They all have unique features, but they all have similarities. Let’s explore some of the differences:

  • The Web Scraper API is versatile and can scrape almost any website. It doesn’t parse the data, so it only gives you the source code in HTML or PNG.
  • Meanwhile, the SERP Scraper API focuses on the main search engines. You can enter keywords instead of messing around with URLs thanks to the parametrized structure.
  • E-Commerce Scraper API is a game-changer for those who shop online. It uses an adaptive parser that relies on machine learning to extract pricing, availability, and more data.
  • For those looking to get into real estate, the Real Estate Scraper API is perfect for scraping websites such as Zillow, Redfin, Realestate, or Zoopla.

With four options to choose from, all powered by their residential proxy networks, you’ll be able to target any location globally with ease.

Oxylabs Features
Oxylabs has you covered with their versatile APIs that can integrate as a proxy server or a feature-packed API

Want to get extra granular? The SERP Scraper API offers city and even coordinate-level targeting for local SEO. And with crawler and scheduler features included, you’ll be able to get your hands on the data you need – on your own time.

Need to know more about a real estate data scraper? In this video, Liza from Oxylabs walks you through how to gather property listing data with our powerful API.

Liza’ll show you how to:

  • Set up your account and create your first project;
  • Select the properties you want to scrape;
  • Retrieve all the necessary information including addresses, prices, and more.

If you’re looking for a way to easily collect public data, check out Oxylab’s SERP Scraper API. It makes it easy to gather the data you require from search engines. With just a few lines of code, you can get information on websites, domains, and keywords. In the video below, Liza shows you how to use it, step-by-step.

Web Scraping APIs Price

Are you considering using a web scraping API for your project? While it may seem like a predictable pricing option, it’s important to note that successful requests come at a cost. However, don’t let that discourage you from exploring your options.

Oxylabs Scraper API Pricing
Carefully weigh your options and consider these cost-effective and scalable solutions for your web scraping needs

The Web Scraper API and Real Estate Scraper API might just be the affordable solution you require. Not only are they cost-effective, but their focus on data parsing and scraping non-Google/Amazon sites puts less strain on the underlying proxy infrastructure. And while all the APIs do throttle requests for entry plans, Oxylabs is able to increase the request limit as your needs grow.

How to Use Oxylabs

Once you purchase a plan and log in to your account, you’ll be transported to a dashboard that puts every other proxy competitor to shame. Discover an array of features and tools that will take your proxy management to new heights — Oxylabs just has so much more to offer than the rest.

Oxylabs Dashboard
Explore the possibilities and experience the ultimate proxy management hub

Starting out with this amazing tool requires you to add some extra firepower to your team by creating sub-users who can help you manage your projects like a pro! But wait, it’s not just a run-of-the-mill authentication process. You get extra features like controlling the amount of traffic a particular sub-user can consume.

Oxylabs Extra Features
Extra features can help you manage your bandwidth allocation and keep things running smoothly

Oxylabs is revolutionizing the game with its array of innovative options that you can hardly find anywhere else. Unlike the regular proxy lists that come in plain text, Oxylabs lets you view them in JSON for extra convenience. The Statistics page is a marvel to behold with its detailed insights on target domains, traffic used, number of requests, errors, and more. And if you’re unsure about anything, just head to the knowledgebase that covers everything from the basics to advanced customization options tailored to your needs.

Moreover, the Integrations page is a gold mine of tutorials on how to work seamlessly with Jarvee, Octoparse, Puppeteer, and other third-party tools. And for you tech-savvy developers, the Developer’s documentation is a cut above the rest.

Looking to buy or sell a property but don’t want to deal with the hassles of public transport? Check out Oxylabs, the leading residential proxy service that will get you in front of the properties you want, fast. In this tutorial, they’ll show you how to use our self-service platform to get started in no time.

Top Oxylabs Alternatives

Ditch the idea of spending a fortune on proxies – after all, they’re basically just IPs! As long as you’re getting reliable ones, it doesn’t matter where you buy them from. But beware – some companies may be charging you more for the brand name rather than the proxies themselves.

⭐ FineProxy.de Smartproxy Bright Data Soax

Of course, the best alternative is us, Fineproxy.de. We have a multi-language interface, great location coverage, a free trial, and most importantly, a proxy guarantee.

With similar performance to Oxylabs, plus user-friendly tools, this provider won’t break the bank. The only downside? Fewer features — but with savings like this, who needs ’em?

With Oxylabs dominating the premium space,  Bright Data has risen to challenge their throne. Offering advanced features, powerful proxy management tools, and pre-scraped data sets, it is not one to be underestimated.

SOAX offers a smaller, yet rock-solid collection of residential and mobile IPs, equipped with a variety of filtering options to suit all of your needs.

Oxylabs FAQs

Need more information about this provider? We’ve prepared answers to a few frequently asked questions for you.

Q: What kinds of users and organization types does Oxylabs work with?

Oxylabs is an inclusive and versatile platform that caters to a wide array of users and organizations. Whether you’re a budding Freelancer or a large-scale Enterprise, Oxylabs is here to meet your needs. Additionally, they work with Nonprofits and Government entities, highlighting their dedication to making their services accessible to all.

Q: What languages does Oxylabs support in their product?

Unfortunately, only English.

Q: What other applications or services does Oxylabs integrate with?

Oxylab connects effortlessly with two of the industry’s leading proxy providers, AdsPower and Smartproxy.

Q: What type of training does Oxylabs provide?

They offer comprehensive training options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer to read up on their detailed documentation, attend our engaging webinars or even connect with them in person.


At Oxylabs, you’re getting more than just a product – you’re getting attentive and personalized service. Their team takes care of the little things that make a big difference, remembering your name and catering to your unique needs. They don’t just offer good service, but excellent scraping and proxy services as well.

For those who prioritize professionalism, Oxylabs is the go-to for skilled and dedicated service.

Oxylabs' Alternative: FineProxy.de



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