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If we talk about the best proxy providers, then, of course, Smartproxy will occupy one of the first positions in this rating. This is because the company created a product that can meet the needs of each user. On the Internet, you may find reviews from users in more than 195 locations in the world where Smartproxy provides its services. The main advantages of the provider are the inability to block and detect proxies, as well as high security and safety.


Another reason why Smartproxy is among the best proxy networking companies for private clients is its excellent pricing system. Smartproxy price is considered one of the most democratic on the market. Their payment models are flexible because they are based on traffic. After conducting a thorough analysis of this company, we have compiled a Smartproxy review, in which you can find out if this company is as good as they write about it.

How Does Smartproxy Work?

The basics behind the provider’s services are easy to grasp. When using Smartproxy proxies in conjunction with other third-party applications, the user connects to the endpoint, which handles every request that comes to it. After completion of processing, the request goes to a database with more than 5 million different proxies, where the computer selects certain options, depending on the needs of the client. It selects all the necessary information, that is, the IP address, depending on which site the user is interacting with. Whereas with a simple VPN you can only use one address for all applications and sites, Smartproxy allows you to run many concurrent sessions.

There are two ways to use a home IP address in total. The first method is traditional because it requires using your username and password. You must configure the application with which you will use the proxy yourself. To do this, you need to add your username and password, which can be found on the control panel.

Another way is that you need to add a specific IP address to the appropriate section in the control panel. After completing the setup and connection, you can always find your IP address using special services, for example,

Key Features of Smartproxy

For a better understanding of this service, you should talk about the main features that this company owns. Below you can find detailed information on what features make this company stand out from its competitors.

Locations of Proxy Servers

Each user can use a network of more than 40 million IPs located around the world in 195 different locations. The list of countries in which Smarproxy has its IP address is almost limitless. The USA, India, UK, and Germany are the countries with the most IP addresses. You can also take advantage of an IP from one of eight metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, New York, Chicago, Moscow, Berlin, and London.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

Any user would never want to sacrifice speed and latency, so a good proxy service should provide high speed and minimal latency at reasonable prices. Smartproxy does an excellent job of this. After several dozen tests, we can say that the data transfer speed does not break world records, but is satisfactory for most of the necessary tasks. Some may be confused by an increased ping, but such indicators should not be taken into account because they do not in any way affect the operation of the proxy. The only possible option to decrease the data transfer rate is to decrease the speed at the Internet service provider provided by the IP address.

Session Control

Smartproxy allows you to choose from two session types, suitable for different situations and use on different sites. A rotating proxy will provide you with a new IP every time with every new request, perfect for collecting information from websites. Constantly changing addresses will prevent websites from flagging you as bot. Sticky Proxy gives you the ability to determine for how long you will use the same IP address. This period can vary depending on the needs of the user, ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

IPv4 Proxies

Most of the IP addresses are contained in the Smartproxy database using the IPv4 protocol, which does not allow declassification of any information about the user and his confidential data. With the help of such a protocol, you can easily visit any websites, programs, or even online services, while remaining anonymous because the servers do not send any information to the HTTP header request that could potentially harm the user or that could be used against him. Using this protocol, the computer changes your addresses. This procedure is necessary to respond to your identity, as well as to protect certain data. It should also be related to whether the HTTP and HTTPS protocols are dominant when establishing connections between two or more devices on the Internet.

Usability of Using

Smartproxy has developed an excellent system that is easy to use. You can find all the information you need about integrating this proxy with third-party applications, making it easier for users. We cannot fail to mention the integration with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, in which you can activate proxies in a few clicks without visiting the toolbar. X Browser is another cool feature of the Smartproxy dashboard that makes it easy to use many browsers at the same time. All these features in a heap create a great user experience.

Live Support 24/7

If you have any problems or questions, you can contact Smartproxy support. You can use live chat or email for this. Our managers will kindly help you with any issue at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. They can also tell you any questions that interest you.

Proxy Types

Smartproxy has several types of proxies to suit the needs of any user. Below you can find detailed information about each of the types available on the company’s website.

Residential Proxies

Proxies can be used for various purposes, but in general, they are used to go unnoticed and anonymous. Such applications replace your IP address with any other, no matter whether it is a computer or a mobile device. You can do anything from testing ads to shopping, residential proxies by Smartproxy makes sure your stay is safe and anonymous.

Datacenter Proxies

Not only private users but also huge data centers can take benefit of the quality Smartproxy services. You have no restrictions on the number of connections or the number of IP addresses used. Over 40,000 IPs are at your disposal. Change them as often as you wish. This company requires only a minimum payment for using any proxy from their database without restrictions.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Smartproxy also provides each client with the ability to get their proxy, which will only obey them. Datacenter, using this option, can significantly reduce the risk of blocking, as well as dispose of the proxy as they wish. Networks like these offer tremendous benefits to those trying to customize proxies. Possibly common models used by a few people are cheaper but not as safe as dedicated proxies. By using a similar look, you also avoid being noticed.

Search Engine Proxies

This type of proxy allows users to run full-blown SEO campaigns without being noticed. You can analyze keywords, competition, track rankings, and more while remaining completely anonymous. These proxies are a great opportunity to conduct marketing research for a variety of marketers while remaining completely unnoticed. SEO specialists doing this kind of thing need this kind of technology.

Smartproxy Prices

The pricing policy of this company is one of its greatest advantages, which, as mentioned earlier, sets it apart from competitors. Smartproxy allows each user to choose one of seven offered tariff plans such as Micro, Starter, Regular, Advanced, Premium, Professional, and Enterprise. For each type of proxy, you will be offered a separate type of tariff plan. Each of the plans gives you access to the entire base of IP addresses, which by the way are real devices based on the IPv4 protocol. Each tariff plan has its bandwidth, which will increase as the plan increases, but it does not affect access to the IP address database in any way.

The cheapest plan will cost $75, for which you can get 5 GB of all traffic. With each next plan, as the price increases and the number of GBs increases, the price per GB will be lower compared to the lowest plan. If you do not have enough traffic volume offered on the site, you can always contact the support service and she will be happy to help you create an individual tariff plan. Such offers will be relevant for people seeking to get 1 TV or more traffic.

Pricing: Residential Proxies

For private users, Smartproxy has prepared several tariff plans such as Micro, Starter, and Regular, but you can also create your plan if you are not satisfied with the proposed conditions. Each tariff allows you to get from 5 to 50 GB of traffic and unlimited access to the collection of all IP addresses. There is also a restriction on the use of proxies, which is 5 people per proxy.

Package type GB Included Monthly Price Price Per GB Proxy User Limit Whitelist Limit
Micro 5 $75 $15 1 1
Starter 20 $200 $10 3 3
Regular 50 $400 $8 5 5
Other 1,000 and more Individual. Contact sales Individual. Contact sales Individual Individual

Pricing: Datacenter Proxies

Smartproxy offers you one of four available plans: Clever, Smart, Wise, and Genius. It should be said that the Wise plan is the most popular among customers because it offers the most optimal ratio of price and amount of available traffic. It should also be added that along with the increase in the plan, the price per GB of traffic decreases.

Package type GB Included Monthly Price Extra GB Price Proxy User Limit
Clever 100 $50 $1 1
Smart 200 $100 $0.8 3
Wise 400 $200 $0.7 5
Genius 1,000 $500 $0.7 10

Pricing: Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

For the opportunity to use private IP addresses, you will need to pay from $39. In total, there are 3 tariffs: Mini, Main, and Classic, each of which allows users to use an unlimited amount of traffic but limits the number of available IPs. Additionally, you can get a custom plan. Users can get anywhere from 25 to 200+ personal IP addresses, depending on which data plan they choose.

Package type IPs Included Monthly Price Price Per IP Proxy Users Limit Traffic Limit
Mini 25 $39 $1.55 5 Unlimited
General 50 $73 $1.45 5 Unlimited
Main 200 $135 $1.35 5 Unlimited
Other 1,000 and more Individual. Contact sales Individual. Contact sales Individual Unlimited

Pricing: Search Engine Proxies

For SEO specialists, a separate list of tariff plans is available, including Lite, Basic and Standard. The starting price starts at $ 100 and ends at $ 500. For this money, you can receive from 35,000 to 250,000 requests to the database with more than 10 million IP addresses.

Plan Monthly Price Requests Price per 1,000 Requests
Light $100 35,000 $2.86
Basic $250 100,000 $2.50
Standard $500 250,000 $2.00

Recurring Monthly Subscription

After making the first payment and purchasing one of the tariff plans, Smartproxy creates an automatic payment system. This feature is very common and is activated on the same day you made the payment. It should be added that you can have a similar option at any time. This should be done before the new month because otherwise, you will not be able to return the amount of money that was re-withdrawn.

3-day Money-Back Guarantee

Smartproxy does not offer its users the opportunity to use a free trial for 7 days, but each user has the opportunity to request a refund within the first three days after payment. If you realize that Smartproxy is not suitable for you or it is too early for you to use such professional services, you can safely issue a refund. It should be noted that users who have already spent 1/5 of their stock of traffic cannot request a refund.

Using Smartproxy on the Different Platforms

There is no need to worry about whether Smartproxy will support a specific platform or operating system, as this service works with a variety of browsers and mobile devices, as well as with any bots, scripts, or programs. You can safely use Smartproxy proxies along with any browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and others. It should also be added that, separately for Chrome and Firefox, there is an extension that allows you to activate a proxy in a matter of seconds. You can work seamlessly with Smartproxy using one of the following operating systems: Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux. Everyone can use the excellent Smartproxy service using smartphones with Android, iPhone.

As noted earlier, you can also use proxies for various bots, such as bots with Better Nike Bot, EasyCop, NikeSlayer sneakers. You also have a great opportunity to get started with proxies and tools that are used for social networks. This includes Jarvee, Follow Liker, and many other apps.

We also cannot fail to mention that the use of Smartproxy together with a variety of scrapers is completely legal. You can start working in ScrapeBox, Octoparse, Parsehub right now. Or use one of the popular SEO tools. In conclusion, we should add about the opportunity to cooperate with proxy managers, such as Multilogin App and Proxifier totally legit.

Final Verdict

Everyone agrees that Smartproxy is one of the best proxy solutions today, enjoying great trust among millions of users and offering very liberal payment models that will suit everyone. By completing one of the available plans, you get the opportunity to use the full potential of the ten million databases of IP addresses. So there are some restrictions on the amount of traffic that can be used, but in general, this is not the main factor over which users will argue. Each IP address is a real device connected with IPv4 protocols, as well as a network of about 195 locations around the world.

You will be satisfied not only with affordable prices and a wide choice of tariffs but also with the convenience of the interface and smooth workflow. On the official website, you can find all the necessary information about the programs and services that Smartproxy cooperates with, as well as how to use it correctly. You do not need to additionally surf the Internet in search of the information you need.

Finally, it should be added that Smartproxy has created all the conditions so that users do not experience stress while on their website. That is why, if you are looking for a good proxy server that can offer you great opportunities at affordable prices, we recommend contacting these guys.


Does Smartproxy Have a Public API?

Yes. An API is a functional thing that involves creating and managing sub-users. With the API, you can start to automatically monitor various metrics, such as validating subscription status and product usage information, without a lot of effort.

What Languages Do Support Managers Speak?

In most cases, the support service will conduct a dialogue with users in English only. But they can also switch to Chinese if you are from that country or that region.

What Is the Number of Connections Smartproxy Offers?

Smartproxy does not limit the number and level of requests at all. You can fulfill as many requests as you need. This company imposed a limit on the amount of traffic, and the number of requests remained unlimited.

Is Smartproxy a Reliable Service or Not?

According to many reviews, it can be concluded that Smartproxy is a very reliable company. This is also evidenced by the presence of a certificate as the best proxy market in 2020. Considering that Smartproxy works with IP addresses of almost every country in the world and reaches every corner, I can say that this company is very reliable.

For what Purpose Can I use Smartproxy?

There are many ways to use this service, but one of the main ones is Advertisement verification and Brand protection. Many people are also accustomed to using Smartproxy for Retail intelligence.

Does Smartproxy Assign a New Ip Address to Each New Request?

You can get a new IP address every time after the next request. To do this, you need to select the proxy type to rotate.

What is the Difference Between Search Engine Proxies and Regular Residential IPs?

One of the main differences is the purpose of using one and the other means. Search Engine Proxies are used by marketers to solve specific problems and to maintain anonymity. Also, Search Engine Proxies have a huge amount of traffic that you can use freely, which cannot be said about Regular Residential IPs. The latter only provides a limited amount of traffic to use.

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