Premium Rotating Proxies

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Rotating Proxies for Web Data Mining & Web Scraping

  • New IP each request
  • Fastest speed
  • Huge IP pool
  • No GB limits on traffic
  • No limits on threads
  • Unlimited number of connected devices
  • Username & Password authentication

Designed for bulk data collection (web scraping, screen scraping, web data mining, web harvesting, web data extraction, etc.)

Our Premium Rotating Proxies offer a revolutionary pay-per-request system that ensures you only pay for the requests we process. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and hello to unparalleled efficiency.

When you purchase these proxies, you gain access to all the IPs available within the package from an unlimited number of your devices.

No more worries about IP limitations or extra costs. We provide unlimited access to a wide range of IP addresses, allowing you to tackle any task with ease.

Choose the Desired Number of Requests You Need

200 Thousand Requests

New IP Each Request

World wide locations


500 Thousand Requests

New IP Each Request

World wide locations


1 Million Requests

New IP Each Request

World wide locations


3 Million Requests

New IP Each Request

World wide locations


10 Million Requests

New IP Each Requeste

World wide locations


20 Million Requests

New IP Each Request

World wide locations


30 Million Requests

New IP Each Request

World wide locations


Differences Between Premium Rotating Proxies and Regular Proxies

Proxies of this type are in a separate pool of IP addresses and are not issued to users of regular proxy servers. These proxies have a much higher success rate in bypassing bans and other blockings thanks to the new anti-ban system.

Feature Regular Proxies Premium Rotating Proxies
Success rate moderate very high
IP format proxy lists access ports
Google passed no yes
IP typ sticky rotating
Authentication IP whitelisting required only username & password
IP amount limited by package type unlimited
Connected devices up to 3 unlimited

Rotating proxies are ideal for web data scraping!


FAQ about the Premium Rotating Proxies

What are requests or credits?

1 credit = 1 HTTP request.

Requests or credits are the possible number of connections to your target sites.

Keep in mind that in a normal browser, multiple simultaneous connections will be created to connect to a site. In some cases, it can be dozens of requests.

Therefore, we recommend using these proxies only with special utilities. For example, with cURL.

Which countries’ IPs are included in this package?

This plan has no targeting by IP address geolocation. I.e. the pool of Rotating Proxies contains IPs of multiple countries with no possibility to separate them by country.

In what form are proxies provided?

Proxies are provided as 32 available ports. 16 for the SOCKS protocol and 16 for the HTTP protocol.

You can use one of them, several or all of them at once. Depending on how fast you need to receive new proxies.

rotating proxies example

Will I be able to see usage statistics?

Yes, counting of used and remaining credits is performed in real time. You can see the number of consumed and available credits in your user area.

rotating proxies usage stats

I got a 4xx or 5xx error. Is such a request counted as successful?

Yes, such requests are also counted as successful.

Can I test before I buy?

You can get 10 000 free requests for testing. Please contact support and describe in detail the purpose of using the proxy for the test.

Is a refund possible?

Within the first 24 hours after your purchase you can return the remaining credits to your internal balance and withdraw them from our system. Please let us know using the ticket system.

After 24 hours, you can still return unused credits to your internal balance, which you can use to purchase our other products.