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Our proxies support all major protocols simultaneously, i.e. HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, SOCKS5.

Our proxy servers only support the fourth revision of the Internet Protocol, i.e. IPv4.

No. We do not limit the number of downloads and uploads of traffic generated by the client and do not charge additional fees for traffic.

When paying with cryptocurrencies, it will take a few minutes to confirm the payment. For all other types of payment, data is delivered instantly.

Our proxies have the highest possible degree of anonymity. That is, the target site will be unable to identify your real IP address. Moreover, the very fact that you are using a proxy server will be concealed from the target site.

Yes, you can get an hour test from this link. As a test package, we provide 100 shared proxies from the “Europe” package for free.

No. The price you see before buying is final.

Yes. We provide 24 hours after purchase for service testing. If for some reason you did not like our proxies, just cancel the purchased package in the control panel and send us a message requesting a refund. We guarantee a full refund within a couple of hours.

Swiss Proxies with Money-Back Guarantee

Get started with our proxies in just 5 minutes from login: Purchase a proxy and pay effortlessly online — via card, a variety of cryptocurrencies, or e-wallets — all secured with our money-back guarantee. Evaluate our proxies for 1 hour without restrictions and receive a full refund within 24 hours if the service doesn’t meet your expectations.

Swiss Proxies Use Cases

Based on our deep expertise, we have compiled a roster of the most frequent scenarios where our clients leverage proxies. We are constantly adapting to varied uses and foresee an increasing array of applications as we continue aiding our clients in surmounting their business hurdles:

  • Reselling: Proxies enable resellers to circumvent website constraints and acquire limited-edition items in volume, facilitating profitable resale.
  • Email Protection: Proxies are instrumental in guarding against phishing and other email threats by scrutinizing emails for dubious content and blocking or redirecting dangerous emails.
  • Food Delivery Data: Proxies assist food delivery services in tracking and evaluating data pertaining to delivery times, customer contentment, and order precision, contributing to enhanced service quality.
  • Inventory Tracking: Proxies empower retailers to monitor the availability and prices of their products across various online platforms, adjusting inventory according to market demand.
  • Market Research: Proxies facilitate market researchers in harvesting precise, recent data from a range of sources, bypassing blocks or detection by target websites.
  • Travel Fare Aggregation: Proxies aid travel fare aggregators in gathering fare data from diverse airline or hotel websites for collation and user presentation.
  • Ad Verification: Proxies support ad verification agencies in identifying deceitful ads and confirming that ads are displayed accurately as planned.
  • Social Media: Proxies allow marketers to amass and dissect social media insights, including user engagement and sentiment analysis, to refine their social media strategy.
  • Price Monitoring: Proxies permit companies to track competitor pricing and modify their own pricing strategies accordingly, maintaining market competitiveness.
  • Review Monitoring: Proxies empower businesses to oversee and analyze customer feedback from diverse platforms, like social media and review sites, identifying improvement areas.
  • SEO Monitoring: Proxies help businesses in monitoring their search engine standings and evaluating keyword efficacy, aiding in SEO strategy optimization.
  • Alternative Data: Proxies are utilized for collecting and analyzing unconventional data, such as social media trends, weather patterns, and news, for informed business decision-making.

Prominent Swiss Proxy Industries

Upholding online security and privacy is crucial when operating in the Swiss online market. To this end, we have detailed a list of the top eight industries that utilize proxies in various Swiss cities


Continuously monitor competitor stock and pricing information


Determine investment viability with market data, track real-time consumer behavior using social media data, and discover market trends, niches, and investment opportunities


Examine price points on rival websites, observe customer search and travel planning behavior, and predict upcoming travel industry tendencies

Real Estate

Gather real estate data to predict market movements, streamline investments, perform pricing comparisons, and more

SEO & Marketing

Extract data from search engine results and monitor your own content indexing, competitor, or client websites around the world to boost your SEO strategy

Data Security

Monitor viruses and malware, counter internet-based attacks, prevent fraud, perform penetration testing, and maintain real-time public domain visibility


Enhance underwriting choices and forecasting models, stay updated on competitor policies and pricing, and tackle insurance fraud


Promote public health while maximizing revenue, and carry out real-time price comparisons for drugs, medical equipment, and procedures

What Our Plans Include

User-Friendly Proxies

You can quickly access our proxies from your whitelisted IPs or by entering your username and password. With every connection, you can either use a new IP or have a unique IP for up to 30 minutes.

Compatibility with All Devices

Our proxies are designed to work seamlessly on all devices. If you're unsure about how to set it up, you can always refer to our configuration page.

Secure and Anonymous Proxies

When you connect to our proxy server, your real IP address is always hidden. This ensures that your connections are anonymous and secure.

Integration with Major Software

Our proxies are compatible with all major automation software, bots, and scripts. For detailed instructions and information about integrations, please check our website.

Pricing and Packages for Different Swiss Cities


200 IPs





1 month