Terms of Service

Registration in service FINEPROXY.DE

To use our service, you need to create an account and verify it with your existing email address. For your convenience, when you make your first purchase, the account will be registered automatically.


User authentication

User authentication is required to use our proxy servers. It is available in two variants:

  • Authentication via IP address. In this case, the user specifies his IP address in the control panel. Working with our proxy service will only be possible from this IP address. The user can change the IP address an unlimited number of times at any time.
  • Combined authentication with IP address, username and password. With this type of authentication, the user can work with our proxy service from 3 different devices at the same time if all of the user’s devices are in the same /21 subnet (IP range example x.x.1.1 – x.x.8.254).


Suspension of service and refunds

We offer a guaranteed refund within 24 hours of purchase if our proxy servers are not suitable for your purposes. The refund will be made via the same method you used to make the payment. For a refund, you will need to contact our support team.

Within 24 hours of receipt of payment, you can cancel your order and receive a refund of the unused amount to your internal account. Cancellation of an order is possible once every three days in your personal account without contacting customer service.

In the event of multiple, unfounded refund requests, further purchases on our website may be prohibited.


Prohibited Actions

Users of the platform are not allowed to use any of the services provided by FINEPROXY.DE to:

  • Commit illegal actions and other violations of the applicable current law.
  • Create threats, as well as to disturb or violate the right to privacy of others, as well as to perform unauthorized sending of messages, interception, tracking, or modification of messages sent or received by third parties.
  • Cause harm and damage to users and their equipment, in particular, by using viruses, spyware and malware, worms, trojans, logic bombs, and other similar malicious program codes or commands.
  • Commit deceptive and fraudulent actions by using misleading, phishing, theft, or attempted theft of personal identification data.
  • Participate in illegal gambling or advertise such games.
  • Commit acts that humiliate human dignity, intimidate people, provoke violence, or incite harm to any person or group of persons based on their age, gender, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, geographical location, or any other traits and features.
  • Exploit or harm children.
  • Sale, purchase or advertise products or services prohibited or restricted for free circulation.
  • Perform downloading, uploading, transmitting, and displaying materials representing or containing pornography or violence, as well as providing access to such materials.
  • Collect personal information without the appropriate permission. It is worth noting that such information includes, in particular, full names of account holders and email addresses.
  • Participate in any activity that interferes with or hinders the operation of FINEPROXY.DE services or products (as well as servers and networks connected to FINEPROXY.DE services).
  • Perform infringement of copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, or intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • Violate rights of people related to their ability to keep confidentiality.

It is strictly prohibited to use the services provided by FINEPROXY.DE in any way that violates the Terms of Service, Terms of Service provision, and licenses that govern the provision of certain services. In all circumstances, you have no right to sell, resell or duplicate products or services by FINEPROXY.DE without having written permission from FINEPROXY.DE.

All items and elements listed above are given as an example. This list should not be considered complete and final. FINEPROXY.DE reserves the right to update it on a regular basis. FINEPROXY.DE reserves the right to remove any content or suspend the service of users who violate these terms. We reserve the right to perform these actions at our discretion.